Swish Private

Do as 8 million Swedes do when they want to split the bill, send money to a friend or buy something in store or online – Use Swish.


Swish for Android


Swish for iOS


Get going in a few steps

Connect your phone number to your bank account and enjoy the possibility to send real time payments – anywhere, anytime.

Real time payments

Money straight into your bank account.

A mobile phone is all you need

Forget about long account numbers. With Swish, payments are made with your phone number.

Safe and secure

Approve your payments with Mobile BankID. It is as safe as a bank transfer.

Scan a QR code

Press scan and point your phones camera towards the QR code. Scan it and approve the payments with Mobile BankID.

Show your QR code

Press show QR and ask someone to scan your QR code to start a payment.

Connected banks

Below you find which banks that offer Swish: