Cash App: app to send and receive money for free.

Send and spend money, bank, and buy bitcoin or stocks.

Cash App is the aplication quickest to send and receive money for free. Pay or get paid back the friends, family, co-workers…

It’s very simple! Only link your debit card, select an amount the money to send, and type in a friend’s cashtag (unique identifier for individuals and businesses using Cash App) or mobile number. They’ll get a notification they’ve just received money, at the moment.

  • FREE: No costs or fees to send and receive money.
  • FAST: Instantly send and receive money. Transfer from your Cash App balance to your bank account at the moment.
  • SAFE: Protect all of your payments with: Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode.

Pay anyone instantly it’s free to send and receive money within Cash App.

ll it takes to send someone money is their phone number, email, cashtag, or scan their QR code right from the app. It’s very easy and fast!

How does Cash App?

  1. Download the app for Android or iPhone. Download link below.
  2. Create a Cash App account, it is simple and fast.
  3. Now you will have to Connect the Cash App to your bank account.
  4. Finally, add cash to your Cash app.

What can you do with Cash App?

  • Immediately send money to friends or family.
  • Instantly receive money from friends or family.
  • Pay for stuff.
  • Buy-sell bitcoin.
  • Buy-sell stocks.

Download Cash App

Download and install Cash App.

  • For mobiles with Android OS:

  • For mobiles with iOS:

Cite: Cash App
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